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Supplier Identification

We offer an exclusive high-quality provider selection service to help buyers identify and evaluate capable suppliers.

Supplier Communication

Requests for quotation, requests for proposals, requests for information or requests for tender may be advertised, or direct contact may be made with the suppliers.

Supplier Negotiations

Price, availability, and customisation possibilities are established. Delivery schedules are negotiated, and a contract to acquire the P/S is completed.

What is Global Sourcing?

Global sourcing is a strategic sourcing strategy that effectively broadens the scope of the procurement process to include companies that operate in other countries.

Global sourcing is the practice of sourcing from the global market for goods and services across geopolitical boundaries. Global sourcing often aims to exploit global efficiencies in the delivery of a product or service.

Majority of companies today strive to harness the potential of global sourcing in reducing cost. Hence it is commonly found that global sourcing initiatives and programs form an integral part of the strategic sourcing plan and procurement strategy of many multinational companies.